Notable Achievements 2016

SE Region Novices Figure Comp


Skill 0 12& under: Issy Booth (9th), Amelia Bolton (35th), Querubina Gouldby (42nd)

Skill 0 13&over: Eve Ray (5th), Hannah Wildwood (17th), Adela Wilson (22nd)

Skill 1 12&under: Kata Soros (1st), Katherine Stevenson (2nd)

Skill 1 13&over: Libby Shaw (3rd), Annie McLean (4th), Ria Larsen (5th), Flora Kershaw (9th), Kira Fisher (13th)

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Robin Hood Competition:


12 & under Duet: (1st) Emma Johns and Katherine Stevenson

13/14 Duet: (2nd) Flora Kershaw and Ria Larsen

15-17 Duet: (1st) Eloise Archer and Millie Perry

12 & under Combo Team: (1st) Eleanor Bisp, Amelia Bolton, Maisie Cooke, Querubina Gouldby, Emma Johns, Kata Soros, Katherine Stevenson and Emily Whitear

13/14 Combo Team: (1st) Rowan Bisp, Beatrice Dendy, Kasia Gibson, Flora Kershaw, Ria Larsen, Phoebe Muir, Katie O'Brien and Libby Shaw

Open Combo Team: (1st) Eloise Archer, Sophie Gray, Olivia Hunt, Hannah Lonsdale, Annie McLean, Josephine Marinho, Laura Perry, Millie Perry, Vicki Spits and Alice Travis

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RHResults 2016

Birmingham Novices Competition

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8-10 Years: 3rd Eleanor Bisp (48.4623), 11th Maisie Cooke (43.2042), 17th WeiJean Tan (37.8710), 20th Querubina Gouldby (32.3655)

8-12 Years: 1st Emily Whitear (55.3981), 5th Issy Booth (51.5161), 13th Eleanor Bisp (48.4623), 18th Amelia Bolton (45.1503), 38th Maisie Cooke (43.2042), 52nd WeiJean Tan (37.8710), 61st Querubina Gouldby (32.3655)

13-14 Years: 4th Eve Ray (54.7958) 14th Holly Pemberton (50.7203), 21st Adela Wilson (46.9461), 22nd Kasia Gibson (45.5484)

15-17 Years: 3rd Eryn Morgan-Hughes (51.4087)


8-12 Years: 2nd Katherine Stevenson (52.0333), 4th WeiYen Tan (48.4668)

13-14 Years: 3rd Libby Shaw (51.7998), 6th Flora Kershaw (49.6833), 7th Ria Larsen (49.3998), 13th Beatrice Dendy (46.8835)

15-17 Years: 2nd Fern Larsen (51.4833), 3rd Vicki Spits (51.1333)


8-12 Years: 3rd Kata Soros (51.6374), 4th Emma Johns (51.6256)

13-14 Years: 2nd Phoebe Muir (53.6433), 3rd Rowan Bisp (51.9709), 12th Katie O’Brien (46.5146)

15-17 Years: 2nd Eloise Archer (51.7368)


12 yrs & under Skill 0 Duet: 2nd – Issy Booth and Emily Whitear (43.6667)

12 yrs & under Skill 2 Duet: 4th – Emma Johns and Katherine Stevenson (48.8333)

13/14 Skill 1 Duet: 3rd – Flora Kershaw and Ria Larsen (49.5000)

13/14 Skill 2 Duet: 4th – Eloise Archer and Fern Larsen (52.8333)


12 yrs & under Skill 1 Combo Team: 2nd Eleanor Bisp, Amelia Bolton, Issy Booth, Maisie Cooke, Querubina Gouldby, Katherine Stevenson, Weiyen Tan, Emily Whitear

13 yrs and over Skill 2 Combo Team: 1st Rowan Bisp, Beatrice Dendy, Fern Larsen, Phoebe Muir, Katie O’Brien, Ria Larsen, Libby Shaw, Vicki Spits

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Novice Competition 2016 Results

2016 Medal table

Event Gold Medal Places Silver Medal Places Bronze Medal Places
Figures 2 5 7
Duet 2 2  1
Combo Team 4 1
Total 8 8 8