Notable Achievements 2013


Skill Level Testing @ Portsmouth- May 19th

Skill Level One Passes: Zoe Freeman, Sophie Gray

Skill Level Two Passes: Rebekah Mann, Millie Perry, Madison Squire, Laura Turberville

Robin Hood Competition - May 5th

(For full results and scores click here)

12 & Under Duet: 4th Phoebe Muir & Libby Shaw

14 & Under Duet: 2nd Eloise Archer & Millie Perry

17 & Under Duet: 4th Olivia Hunt & Hannah Lonsdale

Open Age Duet: 2nd Josephine Marinho & Laura Perry

14 & Under Combo Team: 1st Eloise Archer, Eleanor Elder, Caitlin Johns, Phoebe Muir, Millie Perry, Libby Shaw, Madison Squire & Laura Turberville

17 & Under Combo Team: 3rd Charlie Critchley, Olivia Hunt, Aoife Inman, Hannah Lonsdale, Josephine Marinho, Laura Perry & Millie Perry


Skill Level Testing @ Reading - March 23rd

Skill Level One Passes: Laurence Boag-Matthews, Caitlin Johns, Phoebe Muir

Skill Level Two Passes: Eloise Archer, Olivia Hunt, Hannah Lonsdale

South East Region Novice Competition - March 16th

Skill 0 12& Under Figures: 3rd Fern Larsen, 21st Ria Larsen, 24th Alice Travis, 28th Jacey Blake

Skill 0 13 & Over Figures:  3rd Annie McLean

Skill 1 12& Under Figures: 3rd Madison Squire, 13th Laura Turberville, 14th Libby Shaw

Skill 1 13 & Over Figures:  2nd Eleanor Elder

2013 Medal table

Event Gold Medal Places Silver Medal Places Bronze Medal Places
Figures 1 3
Duet 2
Team 1 1
Total 1 3 4


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  1. Well done to everyone that competed yesterday (5/5/13.)Everyone performed really well!!!

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