New Online Webinars 2021

We are pleased to present TWO brand new online webinars to help you take your first steps into Artistic Swimming.

Over the course of the last year, WDSSC has continued to provide our club athletes with their regular training sessions via ZOOM platform and also offer our club families the chance to attend a variety of activities online (Christmas Quiz, Annual General Meeting and individual athlete goal-setting).

All our online activities are conducted in line with our club policies and AS/Swim England guidance for aquatic sports.

WDSSC ‘Introduction to Artistic Swimming’ (A 90 minute Information Session via Zoom)

This webinar is designed to provide prospective new members with an insight into the world of Artistic Swimming as well as informing you specifically about our club and what we do.

This webinar will provide an opportunity to improve your Artistic Swimming knowledge, to meet our club coaches and to learn about what to expect when joining the sport and our club.

Webinar content:

  • General introduction to Artistic swimming and WDSSC 
  • The Artistic Swimming Journey (from basic skills to competition routines) – includes information on key skills, the different types of events/opportunities available in competition and key benefits to participating in the sport.
  • Questions & Answers Session

WDSSC ‘Land Skills for New Starters’ (A 2 hour Practical Session via Zoom)

This webinar is designed to provide prospective new members with a “crash course” into the practical skills of Artistic Swimming.

Many of our Artistic swimming skills can be learned, practiced and perfected on land; with our club athletes continuing to attend land-based training sessions alongside their water sessions. This webinar will help to familiarise new starters with some beginner’s terminology and will act as good preparation for attending one of our pool courses.

Webinar content:

  • Basic Artistic swimming positions, sculling and terminology
  • Basic Artistic swimming stretching, flexibility and balance work
  • Basic Artistic swimming strength and cardio related exercises